Be defiantly hopefully 

Based on an old post 

Regardless of how weak it seems like you are or how much you mess up believe you can get stronger and become more successful.

No matter how many bad choices you make or people around you make believe we can learn to make better choices.

No matter how many times you misperceive or misunderstand believe you can come to see clearer.

No matter how many times people let you down believe some people wont.

No matter how important the things you cant do seem believe the things you can do are equally important.

No matter how many times you fail believe you can learn from it.

No matter how much you feel like you have let yourself down believe you can make yourself proud.

No matter how messed up you feel believe you are fully human and not damaged goods.

No matter how much others cut you down believe you are more than what they call you and ultimately important and significant.

And finally no matter how much sense it seems to make to give up believe that is the biggest pile of nonsense you have ever heard.

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