September 7, 2000

From 2015

Hopeworks Community

Tomorrow will be the anniversary of Linda’s brain surgery at Vanderbilt Hospital.

Before the surgery a good day for Linda was 10-15 grand mal seizures and there was a lot of not very good days. Life, it seemed was getting ready to have seizures, having seizures or getting over having seizures. The ceiling between enough meds and too many was razor thin and even those rare days of no seizures were normally defined by medication side effects that rarely took a day off. At times it seemed life more in name than in fact.

I still remember the day that changed everything. I got a call at work from Linda telling me she was hurt and asking me to come home. When I got home I found her on the bed covered up with blankets. When I pulled the blankets back she was coated in blood. She had a seizure…

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