Liberation Day

Today was liberation day for me.   I  left the long tunnel of the coverage gap really today.  

 Medicaire started a little over a week ago.   But I really didn’t see how I was going to pay deductibles and co-pays.   There was a lot I didn’t understand and going forward seemed really unclear. 

I  met an insurance agent by chance today in the cafeteria of the building I live in.  He was there to see someone else and the other person was late and we struck up a conversation without me knowing who he was or what he did.   The bottom line… I signed up for a medicaire advantage program.   Beginning Oct 1 no deductible,  no co-pays other than small ones on meds,  a thousand benefits I never knew I  could access. 

It is over.   I  honestly never thought it would be and only someone who has been without will really ever understand what it means.   It is honestly liberation day.   For the first time in what seems like forever I am not defined by the money I do not have and will probably never have.   For the first time….. The first time. 

I  think the insurance agent thought I was weird.   He saw the look on my face and I am sure I probably looked like I was about to cry.   I just shook my head and told him there were no word and thanked him. 

I told him I  felt like I was stealing.   He had listened to mine and  Linda’s  story.   He just shook his head.   “You paid.   10 times,  20 times,  a hundred times over you paid.  You owe no apology.   If anything the apology is owed you.” 

After he left I thought about 280,000 who in one way or another have been told they are trying to steal,  that they don’t deserve it.   I thought of so many people I know who have paid and pay each and every day.   I wondered about apologies.   And I knew I would give my right arm to share this day with others…. to be there for there for their liberation day. 

Liberation day.   It has hit me full force today and I am still as silly as it sounds still shaking.   8 years.   Long time.   But finally done. 

You and me can be part of 280,000 liberation days.  Think about that.   If you have ever wondered if it makes a difference,  if you have ever wondered if it matters or is worth not giving up on think about it.   280,000 liberation days. 

Make the celebration real.   Talk to your legislators.   No more than that.   Talk to everyone. 

It is long past due.   Liberation day.   Close the coverage gap.   Leave no one behind. 


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