Tracy… My prayer 


When the pain comes loud 

And crashing and everywhere 

And escape is impossible 

I wish you peace

When things seem so alone 

And terror comes once again 

To claim its prize

I want you to know 

You are held in the 

Arms of many 

When you feel weak

And uncertain and 

Unable to hope 

Know that we will hold

Your hope for you 

When answers seem

Silent and you can 

Seek no more

Know that our prayers 

Are not silent 

Know that many would 

Take your pain if they could 

Even if only for a day or week

If it would give you rest

And hope 

Know that your heart

Your spirit is a 

Miracle to many 

I  know not why some 

People hurt and suffer

I know not why some people 

Are silent and unmoved 

By the tears of others 

I know not why Tennessee 

Has not moved

And I know not why they 

Have not heard your

Cries and the cries

Of so many 

I  know not why 

In their halls

In their hearts

Are only the sounds of silence 

I know not 

Why or how they can not hear

Know that you may lose many a battle 

Maybe tonight  maybe tomorrow 

But know this is a war

With God by our side

That cannot help but be won. 

May God bless you and keep 

You in these forever moments 

Of pain 

You have given so much 

And so shall it be given 

Back to you 

This I believe. 




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