On being 65 and what I think I know  

A friend more than kiddingly told me that since I was about to turn 65 that I should have a great deal of wisdom and he wanted to know what I knew.   He was kidding but I started to think about it.   What do I know other than age is not any guarantee of knowing anything (look at our presidential election)?  

With apology this is what I think I know. My 65th year contribution….. 

Know what is important.   Do not be seduced by urgency. 

In everything you do treat it as important. 

Even if it is hard,  even if it is slow,  and even if you mess up a lot be a person worth being. 

Make good things in your life more likely as you can.   Do anything you can that makes you more capable in ways that matter. 

See what is coming.  Eyes are better open. 

Celebrate everything worthy of celebration. 

Change what you can change that needs to be changed. 

Cope with what you can’t. 

Accept both. 

And above all survive everything and wake tomorrow to try again. 

Know in the end it is yours to do and be excited for the opportunity. 

Everything else is gravy.  


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