On heavy lifting and the fight to close the coverage gap 


You tend to think that when the Speaker of the House is supportive of a legislative iniative the odds are real high that it is a done deal.   Over the last couple of years as regards Insure Tennessee is concerned it sure seems when the Speaker and Lieutenant Governor are concerned that their disapproval sure buries things.   So you would hope the other side of the coin is true.   I always thought the best thing about the Speaker’s 3 Star Healthy Plan was the Speaker’s name in front. 

A friend in Nashville who knows far more about such things than me told me it is far from automatic.   In fact,  she told me it was going to be at best a “heavy lift.”  Even in the House Speaker Harwell is not without opposition.   There are several points about the plan that really require selling.   The political atmosphere after the election is unknown but there is a real risk there will be many trying to make the 3 Star Plan another Insure Tennessee. 

The biggest risk is if the Governor fails and the Speaker fail who is stepping up next?  The risk of catastrophe is real.   We need to act as if lives depend on it because they do. 

I hope you will sign the petition above and share with everyone you know know and then share again and ask them to share again.   The message is simple.   Enough people have suffered and it is time to do the right thing and we the people of Tennessee expect our legislators to do the right thing. 

Petitions only really matter if a significant amount of people sign them.   They are not meant to substitute for your personal contacts with legislators and cant.   That is still the most important piece ahead.   They are a way of making many voices one and a way of intensifying the impact we all make individually.   They work if we make them work. 

I  have been in the gap  8 years.   I have medical issues that have waited.   I have turned 65 and now have Medicare.   I outlasted them but I know many,  and you probably do too that have just ran out of wait.   Most of us have someone we care about this is everything to.   280,000 people.   Put them in one place and it is one of the largest cities in Tennessee.   It is so way past time for us all to act. 

I  am no expert on the 3 Star Plan.   People like “The Tennessee Justice Center”  and “The Tennessee Health Care Campaign”  know much more than me and I hope you will visit their sites to learn more. 

I,  like you,  am simply an ordinary person.   It is kind of out of style now days but I believe ordinary people matter.   280,000 ordinary people are betting their lives on it. 

Please sign the petition.   Please share with others and ask them to share and then ask again.   See your legislators.   Let them know who you are and what you care about and what you expect from them.   It is never too early to start. 

It is time.   Way way past time.   Close the coverage gap.   Leave no one behind. 




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