Positive Deviance and Murphy

Hopeworks Community

“Positive deviance (PD) is an approach to behavioral and social change based on the observation that in any community, there are people whose uncommon but successful behaviors or strategies enable them to find better solutions to a problem than their peers, despite facing similar challenges and having no extra resources or knowledge than their peers. These individuals are referred to as positive deviants.[1][2][3]”

Positive deviance….. From Wikipedia.

Sarah Knutson has a teleconference on Friday nights. This past Friday we talked about positive deviance. It is an important idea with a lot of research behind it and if you haven’t heard of it I hope you will take some time and look into it.

It is closely related to peer support. From one perspective you could almost even say peer support is an example of positive deviance. It is also a concept that relates directly to some of the claims implicit…

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