On two nickels

To close the coverage gap. Tell your legislators not to tell you about their “political realities.,,” Tell them the reality you care about is the reality of their moral testimony

Hopeworks Community

He never went to the doctor
For he could not pay
Getting sick for
Poor people was different
You see
He worked and
Had pneumonia but
Still went to work
Cause he could not
Afford to miss work
He got sick sometimes
But waited for it
To get over with
And sometimes it took
A little while
And people thought he was
But he had been to the
Emergency rooms
And knew how long hours
Were when you were not
Sick enough to be next
When it was only
An emergency to you
He knew what it was like
To lay in a bed
In a hallway
Waiting for a room
To be told what it
Might be
And given a prescription
He couldn’t pay for
Or to follow up with
A doctor he didn’t have
He knew the “you must
Be lazy look” when he
Told them he…

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