Be subversively caring

Care when it is easier 

Not to care 

Persist in believing 

That people are people 

Despite the names 

They are called

The boxes we put them in 

And explain them by

Be on guard 

Not against those 

That look different 

Or talk different 

Or dress different 

But against those who 

Tell you it matters 

Don’t hope to be kind 

Decide to be kind 

War against cruelty 

And meanness 

Don’t believe those 

Who would tell you 

It is strong and tough 

Or that it answers 

Problems nothing  else does 

In times scary and angry 

Compassion can be revolutionary 

Tell people that in caring 

For others 

We care for what 

Is best and brightest in ourselves 

Tell people that neighbors 

Are real and that 

You are glad to be theirs 

Reach out to those 

That know no hope

No safety,  no home 

And tell them life

Can be about living 

And not all is death 

These are discouraging and 

Scary times 

Be a song of different melody 

And a rhythm of hope 

Be persistently and 

Subversively caring

Tell all that we 

Are in the same boat 

And there is room aboard

For them 


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