When you turn 65 you are supposed to have some hard won wisdom to share. . I know about hard won but I don’t know about wise. . An incredible amount of mess in this world has been caused by people who think they are smarter than other people.  I. would like for you to at least consider what I have to say but if you have any doubts error on the side of caution. . Don’t let me cause no more mess than we already have. 

If I could share only one thing I know what it would be :

Start at the beginning instead of spending your whole life trying to find it. 

Most of the pain in this world,  a great deal of the conflict,  much misery and way too  much destruction is caused by people trying to show they matter,  especially trying to show they matter more than someone else.  Much of what we get,  much of what we have and much of what we want is a measure in some way of how much we matter,  how important we are. 

And the simple fact of human math seems to be that the less worth of others equals more worth to me. 

If you start with as a fundamental act of faith that people already matter and that the proper course of life is not proving that you matter but acknowledging and celebrating  the significance you have and share with other people you will have done what I believe is one of the most revolutionary things it is possible to do.  I don’t think things will be the same again. 

You matter. . I matter. . We matter. . Nothing to prove. . An incredible truth to celebrate. 

Start from the beginning.  It’s not much as wisdom goes,  particularly 65 year old wisdom but it is the best I got. 


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