I found out today that my friend Jill is in trouble,  a lot of it. 

She has lived at Cagle Terrace I think for about 5 years. . She was in the army and got hurt in the service and had to leave. . She walks only with a walker now. . I think she lives with a lot of pain but rarely talks about it. 

Jill is,  if this place has one,  as close to the soul of this place as anyone. . Everyone knows her. . Everyone trusts her. . I don’t think she has ever heard of the concept of peer support specialist but she might be the best one I know. 

She is kindness in a place that knows little. 

She got her eviction notice a couple of days ago and may become homeless. . She was late on her rent two months in a row. . She is paid up. . She was just late. The regulations here say that can be called chronic lateness which is an evictable offense. 

She has a daughter who stays alive because of dialysis. . Her car broke down and Jill used her rent money to fix her car. . That was the crime. 

You can ask for a hearing if you are evicted and she has asked for a hearing. . I don’t know if anyone wins those things or not. 

I asked her today if she had a place to go. . She shook her head.  “You got to have money.” 

If I had it to give I know I would give it.  There is a different reality to being poor,  particularly disabled and poor that other people think they understand but really don’t. Places like Cagle Terrace are hurtful and dangerous. 

Jill ‘s crime if she loses is not paying the rent late.  It is being poor in a country that treats poverty as much an infection as anything. . It is being disabled in a country that sees you as only taking and never sees what you give. It is being old in a country that treats age as part of death and not part of life. . It is in standing for those no one stands for. It is in standing up those that don’t like to be stood  up to. 

I hope she wins her hearing. . Her loss will be a crime that doesn’t have to happen. 

If you are a person of prayer add Jill’s name to your list. I am sure God won’t mind. 

I know I would be grateful. 


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