What will you invest in? 

Each day of your life you invest in something. . Even if you think nothing matters you invest in something. . Even if your only investment is investing in nothing mattering you invest in something. 

Sometimes my investments seem rather small to me. I want to feel better. I am scared and don’t want to be scared.  I have been hurt.  I have lost something more than I think I can stand to lose.  Sometimes I am just hungry. . Sometimes I just need to rest. 

All of these things are important. . All of these things have validity.  But none of them are the limits or definition of what I want my life to be defined by. . I want to invest in far more. 

Sometimes I invest in what I can get,  what I can take,  what makes me look better,  gives me more status,  more power,  more prestige. Sometimes I invest more in what you think of me than I do in what I am. 

There is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself as long as care is what you are truly talking about but again that is not enough.  Life is more than my campaign to win. . It is more than who is for me and who is against me.  It is not an election and it is not about whether or not I have got enough votes.  

Sometimes my investment is in hurting others as I feel they have hurt me.  It is about making sure that the balance sheet of my life has been counted and made good.  Sometimes it is about making sure others “get what they deserve”  and wondering why I never seem to. 

All of us are sometimes smaller than we want to be and that is okay because we are human beings. . Life is often hard. . Sometimes it is hard because we are hard.  We can not always explain a lot,  but we are gifted with a genius to justify anything we choose to do. And it is never that difficult to find good reasons to get someone back. . It is something most of us consider more often than we would like to admit. 

But we are also gifted with a genius to know,  and find,  and work for bigger and more noble things. We have an incredible capacity to invest with integrity and purpose in the things we count fundamental and important. . We are not always good at suffering but we excel at sacrifice. 

What do you invest in?   Where does your meaning,  your purpose lie? What completes you?

Through a lot of years some things seem clearer to me.  I don’t always act that way but the truth of these things is not dependent upon the convenience of any particular moments of mine. They are more than creations of me. 

My greatest hope is that someday someone will say I am rather a creation of theirs.  They are, I hope,  my investment. 

I matter.  You matter.  

Mattering is not what I hope to achieve or something I hope to prove.  It is not the end or final verdict of life. . It is the beginning.  It is the first thing. 

If we matter justice matters.  The attack on one is an attack on all and in some sense justice is a job description I think we should all share. 

Kindness matters. It is not the answer to every problem but it prevents as many problems as anything else I know. 

Honesty matters. . Not the honesty that is a code word for how much can you hurt someone or make them feel bad but the honesty that says you can count on me to help even when it is not easy or popular. 

Faith.  As hard as things are for me and they are often hard I am more and can be more than what is hard for me. And so can you.  No matter how many times I come up short or how many times you come up short we are more than our problems,  more than our issues.  If we matter then what we do matters. 

We see deprivation too easily and clearly. . Opportunity is often hidden and silent. .It is worth the effort to find. 

Survival is a value,  not a failure. . To survive when you don’t know how to make things different,  when the only answer is to accept things  and go on is sometimes the greatest success we can know. . When all else fails,  when there are no answers above all else survive. . You matter. 

I know that often the things dear and important to me are treated less than well.  Frequently I am not what I hope to be.  No truths I know guarantee anything will be easy.  I don’t know what your truth is,  what you think it is important to invest in. . Maybe you don’t think there is a worthwhile investment,  but like I said even that is something that you have to invest in. Maybe it is just something worth considering. 

I wish you peace in the loud times,  company in the lonely times,  courage in those times scary. . I hope you invest well both in your life and in the lives of those you care about. . 

You matter. 


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