Trump matters 

I still know people who believe that Trump and Clinton are morally equivalent choices,  that they are both flawed and somehow in a real way the best thing to do is vote for neither.  And with the sincerest apologies to many people I know who feel that way I have to say I just don’t get it.  Not only do I think they are wrong I think they are disastrously wrong.  And before someone accuses me of trying to make them feel guilty for “voting their conscience”  let me say this.  If a runaway truck is coming down the road I don’t see it as coercion for me to point it out to you before you step into the road.  You can still decide that for a million different reasons you need to step into the road,  but I think it is okay for me to make sure you know what you are stepping out into. 

I was for Bernie Sanders but I was not for Bernie Sanders so much that I am for Donald Trump. I do not see this as the election that I get to vote for the person this country needs more than anything else.  This is the election I get to vote against the man I think will destroy it. And again I sincerely apologize but if you still think the most important issue in this election is what the Democratic National Committee did or didn’t do to Bernie Sanders I think you are sadly and tragically mistaken. 

I have had friends tell me not to worry if they vote for Jill Stein (I don’t actually know a real person who thinks Gary Johnson actually makes any kind of sense.)that Hillary Clinton is going to win so it doesn’t matter what they do. I. think who wins is far from decided. (I know that sounds a little bizarre to me too. . Never thought I would be in a position to say that.) What each of us do does matter. . The flim-flam man is having a great carnival season. 

What are the differences?  What is at stake? I keep thinking back to the movie “Dave”  where Kevin Kline played a character impersonating the president.  What if it was Donald Trump impersonating the president?  It would be neither funny or charming nor would it have had a happy ending. 

Donald Trump is not a details guy.  His presidency would probably trust the details to the Republican Congress. One of the most important things Barack Obama did was to say no each and every attempt the Republicans made to undo this country. Do you want Paul Ryan and his “Better Way”  to actually be a real thing?  You want to give the keys to the car to those intent on blowing up the engine. . I just don’t get that. 

Donald Trump would be the end of health care reform. . Millions would lose their coverage. . God knows what the ultimate consequence would be. . And those still uninsured…. Forget them.  I promise more people would die from that terrorism than anything Isis would ever do.  There are a million different disasters that would be Trump disasters.  This would be one of the biggest and most hurtful ones.  It does matter who is president. 

Donald Trump and the Supreme Court.   How is that an even choice?   How is that inconsequential?   In a very real way the next days of this campaign will help define who we are and what we are long past the terms of whoever is president. 

Must the rich simply get richer.   Donald Trump’s tax plan will be Christmas,  Thanksgiving,  and the Super Bowl all rolled into one for rich people.   It will be a bigger and bigger hole for everyone else. 

There is a reason we don’t put 10 year old behind the wheel of a car.   They do not have the skill,  the experience,  the maturity,  or the knowledge to do it. We are talking about putting a 10 year old behind the wheel of the biggest car in the world. 

Donald Trump is not even a real person.   He is a TV character who got canceled for low ratings and switched networks.   He is a product like cereal or cat food and being sold like one.   He has never been out-lied,  out-bragged,  or out-manipulated. He is a poison and a virus and his nonsense is contagious.   He matters and in terms of the immediate safety of this country matters more than anything I can think of.   He is the wrong answer to virtually every question. 

He matters.   The question before each of us is do we matter and what that means for each of us. 

I wanted Bernie Sanders to be president.   

I refuse to say that Donald Trump being president is what me,  my family,  my children,  my grandchildren or anyone else I  care about deserve because Bernie Sanders will not be president. 

If I have insulted you I truly apologize.   My intention was to share what I believe the truth and for that I make no apology.  


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