On the total,  overwhelming lie of Donald Trump…. Why is it again that anyone would consider voting for him????? 

1. Donald is a business man and we need a business man.   Donald is a business man in the same sense that Bernie Maddof,  a hedge fund manager, or a Mafia Don are businessmen.   Much of his fortune is based on the manipulation and injury of others.  His businesses consistently fail and he has mastered the art of getting rich off those failures while those around him lose their shirts.   He has been sued countless times for not keeping his word and consistently stiffs the little guys who are foolish enough to trust  him to pay what he owes.   He is living proof that getting rich and being a good business man are not the same thing.   The United States has enough trouble without adopting the business ethics and skills of Donald Trump. 

2. “What about Hillary….” This is my personal favorite as the dumbest reason anyone gives.  When I was a child anytime my parents caught me doing something I shouldn’t have my stock excuse was “What about my brother… What about my sister….”   By the fourth grade or so I had begun to realize that was a dumb excuse.   By the 7th grade or so I think it finally hit me that made people think I was guilty…. That it had nothing to do with the issue of whatever I had done… And more than anything kept me from being the kind of person I wanted to be.  I was I think a slow learner but Donald Trump is still stuck in elementary school.   You can ask Trump,  anyone who defends him,  and most people who are going to vote for him about the most outrageous things he has said or done and odds are real strong you will hear some version of “Yea but what about those emails….”   This is a man who thinks the sole value of the female half of the population is the degree to which they make the male half of the population want  to have sex with them and he is going to defend himself by saying Hillary Clinton was mad at Monica Lewinsky for having sex with her husband.   Duhh…… Changing the subject,  dodging the issue,  and taking responsibility for nothing are part of the art of being Donald Trump. 

3.  Donald Trump will make us strong.   Being strong and being loud are not the same thing.   Who will make him strong?   Part of strength is impulse control and thinking before he acts.  When will he start.   Is it in our best interests to have a president so easily provoked,  so committed to justifying himself (in 140 characters or less),  and so determined to get everybody back who offends his fragile ego?   Doesn’t self management and strength have something to do with each other?

4. Donald will make the rest of the world respect us again. ????? This one defies comment.   Respect us as a circus run by a clown.   Most of the world is ready to send us condolences for him being being a candidate.   I think the most commonly uttered prayer in the rest of the world is “Dear God please help the people of the United States to be as stupid as it seems like they might be.” 

5.  Donald Trump will make America great again.   Perhaps if he loses I don’t know….. But seriously there are a million things wrong with this one.   Racism,  bigotry,  and hatred will not make America great again.   They are neither the goodest or the greatest we can be.   What value,  skill,  knowledge, or behavior does he have that is going to do anything other than promote himself? 

6.  Donald Trump is ready to be president.   He is what we need.   The only thing Donald Trump knows how to do is be Donald Trump.   Shouldn’t he know something?   Shouldn’t he at least be trying to learn something?   Something?   

7. Donald Trump is a problem solver and he can fix the problems facing us. Donald Trump solves every problem the same.   Figure out who to blame and what name to call them. Is that good enough? 

8.  Donald Trump has a plan and what he doesn’t know now he will figure out. When???  Do you really think everything is about putting a macho deal maker in charge that no one can say no to?  Is it really that simple?   He seems to be having a bit of trouble closing the deal of his election.   Despite all his words and promises an awful lot of people don’t trust a thing he says and in fact hate him.   

9.  He cares about the little guy? Say what????? Only to the degree he thinks they might make him the big guy.   Look at his tax plan.   He thinks women are to have sex with but poor people are to screw. 

10.  Hillary Clinton’s campaign is nothing but lies. An amazing percentage of her campaign is simply repeating what he says and making sure everyone hears it. 

Donald Trump has never been for anybody but Donald Trump.   He has never stood for anything outside his own reputation or bank book.   He chronically lies,  manipulates and attacks others with the lowest possible blows.   He is the most most ignorant person who has ever run for president in my lifetime.   He is also the most dangerous. 

God help us all if he becomes president.   God help the world of he becomes president. 

You will never have to more important vote. 

Make sure you use it. 


2 thoughts on “On the total,  overwhelming lie of Donald Trump…. Why is it again that anyone would consider voting for him????? ”

  1. Well, it seems that they did more than *consider* it. CONFIRMATION BIAS – ignoring the plethora of evidence to the contrary, seeing only what they want in their narrow-minded areas of focus.

    God help us all!
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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