Just folks and ordinary people 

I spent some time today talking with the pastor of a church I visited this past Sunday.   She asked me what I was looking for in a church and I said a place where you didn’t have to prove that you deserved to have people care about you and a place where caring was more than words but had hands and feet.  I told her that I thought that shouldn’t be a  big deal but my experience was that it was huge. I told her about the crushing blow of the last church I attended that I had very much come to care about only to find out when we became inconvenient it didn’t seem to care so much for us.   I told her I didn’t want a place that defined me as less than faithful when life was hard.   I liked the idea of just folks.  I  told her if I had to pass a test I figured I failed.   A lot of people think that I believe.  

She was kind and she listened.   I really liked that.   She was not so wise that she had a problem being a human being and too many pastors struggle with that.   I really liked it that she didn’t seem to have anything to prove.   A lot of pastors seem to struggle with that too. 

I told her I wanted to be part of something that mattered.   I told her I was sick of loss.   I told her what the last three years had been like and about sorrow and loss.  

When I got ready to leave she shocked me.   “Can I please give you a ride home.”   I  liked that a lot.   It had already been a long walking day. 

I am going back this Sunday.  

Too much of life for too many people too much of the time is about proving that they are worth caring about.  Too much… 


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