Donald Trump has delivered the verdict on him.   The verdict on America is ours to decide…..

This is no longer about the decency of Donald Trump.   If there were lingering doubts the tape recently released should remove all doubts.  

The real question is about us.   What have we become.   What are we yet to become? The question is not about whether or not not we are going to be great,  but at what point what happened to the idea of us being good?   Do we believe the moral integrity of our leaders is irrelevant to the leadership they provide as long as they give lip service to the policies we support.   At what point is enough actually enough or is it ever?  

At what point does Donald Trump just make pretending like this is a serious campaign with serious options the last refuge of the distorted and willfully blind?  When do people understand that “what about Hillary”  is neither explanation or justification for the disgrace that is Donald Trump?  When? 

He makes everything about this country a lie. The last ditch efforts of a few true believers to say at least he isn’t as bad as Hillary or at least no worse are pathetic and contemptible.   The moral dilemma of this election is not that Donald Trump is a jerk.   It is that knowing that 40% of the people in this country knowing that will still vote for him,  still support him.   It is the scariest,  most disheartening part of this dirty,  dirty situation.   Donald Trump has told us more about him than anyone would ever need to or hope to know.   What will we tell ourselves and the world about this country?   That is the verdict still out there. 

I  used to work as a therapist for sexual perpetrators.   Everyone I worked with was a rapist.   I met the most dangerous people I have ever known there.   What Donald Trump said was not the locker room banter of men.   It was amazingly like the way the rapists I knew would describe their world,  their reality. 

I am absolutely horrified and enraged at the comments of so-called Christian leaders who I have read that say his conduct is irrelevant to their support of him.   I am a Christian and this makes me sick to my stomach.  How they are willing to identify their faith with a  political agenda and then sell their faith,  their credibility to anyone who promises to support that agenda regardless of who he is or his own integrity is obscene.   Donald Trump still has plenty of money because those people are cheaply bought. 

Many Republican leaders are saying he has finally went too far.   Too far was a long time ago and the biggest question for them is how are they to matter again?  How do they even begin to get back what they have given to Trump?    There is enough dishonor to go around to sink a boat…. no to sink a navy. 

I probably should feel some glee,  some satisfaction but I don’t.   Barring a disaster almost unimaginable Donald Trump will not be our president.   He destroyed himself before we handed him the keys to destroy us all.   But there is no winner in this.   Something has been lost to all of us.   The divisions amongst us are so strong I wonder really what chance any president has.   I don’t know. 

What will we be?    We will write that verdict in the months ahead.   And perhaps in time Donald Trump will be the punchline to a bad joke and a reminder of a summer and fall that all of us will want to believe could never have been real. 

But do not forget for in the year 2016 there was a time when Donald Trump,  if he was not so committed to his destruction,  could have been president. That should scare you forever.   And remember that who we choose to be our leaders says as much about them as us. 

Vote your heart.   Vote for this country.   In the end that is what it is all about. 


2 thoughts on “Donald Trump has delivered the verdict on him.   The verdict on America is ours to decide….. ”

  1. GREAT post Larry!

    Common decency and integrity used to be qualities that we valued as Americans. Most of us aspired to live our lives with a modicum of both. Horrifically, the advent of Drumpf has turned them into characteristics that are deemed to be weak and undesirable. It seems the more vile and vulgar Drumpf and his supporters are – the more they are rewarded and praised!

    When did we allow this to happen? Why isn’t every politician on Capitol Hill calling for Drumpf to leave the Presidential race? And WHY are so many – predominantly white men – gleefully allowing themselves to live vicariously through Drumpf? Are they really THAT frustrated and disenfranchised? Do they actually have THAT much unexpressed hatred and bigotry in their hearts? What real sacrifice, pain or loss have they experienced that they believe they have the RIGHT to allow a misogynistic, narcissistic sociopath to run our country?

    Grow up you whiny little boys! This is not a game or a reality show!

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