On the election, on voice, on speaking out…. 

The post below is a copy of a post that I put on Facebook last night.   It was my reaction to an attack on me by a supporter of Donald Trump.   She basically told me that I deserved every difficulty,  every problem that I was struggling with in life.  She said it was all the consequence of me supporting Obama and Clinton.   She closed by telling me to “enjoy it.” 

I write tonight in rage,  in disgust…. I write tonight because of I don’t write I will not sleep tonight. 

I got a response on a post I wrote about the karma of Donald Trump that literally stunned me.   It was written by someone who I think has been on my friends list for awhile (she no longer is).   She is a Republican who supports Donald Trump, but more than that is passionately against Hillary Clinton.   We have disagreed in the past.   Both of us have been open with our views and even though we disagreed I never tried to hurt her and I never thought she was trying to hurt me.   I think the foundation of America is that it is okay to disagree and there is no need for disagreement to mean we must try to injure the people we disagree with.   I thought America meant being bigger than that.   I thought America meant being better than that. 

I don’t know if the debate angered her or what.   I think she is smart enough to know that the issue barring something incredible was settled.   Whatever reason I don’t know. 

She referenced some of the things I have talked about on this page about my health,  Linda’s health,  real struggles that were part of everyday life for me.   She said that Trump was not karma for the Republicans but that the things that I struggled with were my karma for supporting Obama and Hillary Clinton.   She basically told me I was getting what I deserved and to “enjoy”  it. 

I was literally left speechless.   It was a low blow I just hadn’t expected.   She was just pathetic and I  didn’t know what to say or do.   My initial reaction was to unfriend her and just ignore it but I finally decided to say something. 

A lot of my life is an act of faith.   Faith that it is okay for me to be honest… Faith that it is okay for others to be honest with me.   Faith that it is safe for me to be different and faith that it is okay for others to be different.   Faith that we could disagree with each other but still retain the higher truth that all of us matter.   Faith that our differences are not a threat but make us stronger in the end. 

I  think it is that faith that Donald Trump attacks and he has done damage.  As much as anything this is his real damage.   He would reduce us to warring clans and make victory the destruction of what makes us Americans.   He has done it for the cheapest of reasons.   He is not a warrior for any values that I can tell.   His only faith,  his only creed is anything that gives him power,  reputation, and status.   In a crazy way he is doing it for the applause and maybe only now has begun to realize that silence will soon be his only companion. 

I  feel sorry for the person.   Her behavior was pathetic and the truth is she did hurt me…. a lot.   But I  refuse to let Donald Trump win what he can never understand.   We can’t become resigned to pettiness.   We can never be okay with low blows but neither can we be defined by them. 

Donald Trump will not be president and we will all be better off for it.   In the end he was a nothing…. a mistake.   I hope,  I pray we can find a way to heal the wounds and not be left with scars that make it seem like he really did matter. 

This election in many ways will define “us.”  The American idea is that if you don’t like the way things are you elect people who you think might make it different.   That is the corrective mechanism available to us.   The vote is your voice.   It is my voice.   If we don’t use it we will have given up that voice and the worst of crimes in a difficult time is to remain silent. 

Donald Trump is a scary man.   If you read the newspaper endorsements for Hillary Clinton you notice they all have a common thread.   They don’t just criticize his positions although most of them do that.   It is not a matter of Democrats coming out in favor of Democrats.   Many of the strongest endorsements are from people who have never endorsed a Democrat.   Virtually all the endorsements say the same thing.   Donald Trump is not fit to be president.   He is a danger that we ignore at our own peril.   It is not safe for him to be president and they call on the people of this country to say so in resounding tones.  

I voted yesterday and I hope each of you will vote.   Donald Trump does not speak for me,  nor for most of this country.   I  hate it that he tries to tell us that hatred and bigotry are common sense and will make us great again.   I refuse to let his lies go unopposed and unchallenged.   

But we must vote.   His voice can only be heard in our silence.  He has in his few minutes of fame already hurt this country really bad.   He has us at each other’s throats and I fear the scars he has left will not be gone with his defeat. 

This election has been the dirtiest and most traumatic of my life.   It rests on our voice,  on what we do.   Please vote.  


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