The Emperor has no clothes,  no sense,  and no moral integrity :  The decay and betrayal of the Republican Party. 

Let me start with the most radical statement I have made in months.   I am not exactly sure that Donald Trump is who I blame the most.   Trump is a liar,  a manipulator,  a con man,  a racist,  a bigot,  and a misogynist.   He is possibly the most ignorant,  least prepared, least disciplined,  most unstable and least mature candidates ever to run as the nominee of a major party for president. In any kind of rational sensible system he never gets any closer than a Saturday night live sketch to being president.   He almost made it.   It looks barring some incredible catastrophe to be over with.   In the end he couldn’t defeat being Donald Trump.  He went from being self appointed savior to being a dirty joke and finally becoming a mean,  resentful looser who seems willing to burn down the whole house rather than see another name on the door.

But with all that I am not sure he is who I blame the most.   He was always what he was and there was always a limit to how many people would buy the con.   He just saw a for sale sign on the biggest property in the world… the United States… and just tried to get it the  way he got everything else.  He just thought he could put the Trump name on it and it would be a really huge,  really huge bauble. 

More than anything I blame the people who put up the for sale sign…. The Republican Party. 

Eight years ago they decided the power and success of their party was more important than this country.   They swore to screw up and make impossible any effort by Barack Obama to be the President of this country. Their efforts were cheap,  mean spirited and without regard to the consequences for this country.   They cloaked themselves in the most moral and patriotic terms but displayed a lack of moral fiber and patriotic commitment unseen at least in my lifetime.   And he still became one of the most popular presidents ever. 

They layed the ground work,  spaded the ground and planted the seeds that made Donald Trump possible.   In the race to the nomination they displayed a startling incompetence in dealing with a bully who played them all for fools and weaklings.   They were left trying to rationalize his nomination as somehow higher ground and what America really needed.   It was proof that at some level comedy and tragedy are the same thing. 

Watching the Republican leadership deal with the news of his sexual assaults of women and an endless stream of transgressions any of which would have sunk any other candidates has been  vomit inducing.   They have shown contortionist skills trying to  “stand up” to him without taking a committed moral stand in a manner that has exposed their fundamental moral bankruptcy to anyone who cares to look.   It is the most blatant statement of we must not let the welfare of the country get in the way of the the welfare of the party I have ever seen.   They have sold their soul and they didn’t even come away with any silver. 

And now in the most outrageous display of moral indecency I think I have ever seen they are pledging to do it again.   The very people who have spent months enabling Donald Trump and basically kissing his ass regardless of what he said or did have broadcast openly for all to hear they plan to sabotage Hillary Clinton.  Despite the fact fact millions of Americans are voting for her and she may win by the biggest landslide in recent history they plan to disenfranchise me and disenfranchise you and say your vote about how this country should be run is empty and void. 

They deserve everything Donald Trump puts in their path.   He has exposed them as hypocrites and liars.   They are as dangerous to this country as any terrorist.   They are unmasked. The emperor has no clothes,  no sense and no moral integrity.   The decay of the Republican Party has been layer open for all to see and my hope is that even more than Donald Trump they are the real losers of this election. 


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