The best people in the world 

Once or twice a year I do a post about the best people in the world. They are my list of best people and on that list for all kinds of reasons.   Some I know will.   Some I don’t.   But in this terrible election it seems like it would be okay to spend some time talking about people I think matter. 

In no particular order :

Barack and Michelle Obama…. As we look towards what will be I want to express my gratitude for what was.   I have not agreed with everything he has done but I  am so thankful for who he is.   I fear “going high” may to soon be memory in American politics.   I hope I am wrong.   Michelle is proof that class matters….. 

Walter Davis…. Walter is executive director of the Tennessee Health Care Campaign.  He believes in justice.   He believes in being persistent in its pursuit.   After many many years he still believes.   He is a testimony to the human spirit. 

Val Marsh…. I am honored to be her friend.  She has been a support to me in some of the most difficult times I have known.   If you judge yourself by the quality of people who care about you she makes me look good. 

Tracy Foster…. She just wants to live.   In living with cancer in a state that denies her access to health care she is an example of how more of us should live. 

Jill Sharp… Jill is a neighbor at Cagle Terrace.   She is proof people can still be human in an inhumane circumstance.   She is an everyday hero.   I am lucky to know her. 

Todd Shelton,  Polly Murphy, Rich Henighan, Lucy Henighan….. Their quiet,  committed pursuit of health care justice in Tennessee is an inspiration to me.   Their kindness and support of me is appreciated more than I can ever put into words. 

Sharon Cretsinger….. She is honest and courageous.  She has been my friend for a long time and I don’t always let her know how grateful for that I am.   We disagree about many things but I agreed with who she is.   She is not afraid to hurt.   She deserves so much more out of life than she has gotten and one of my strongest prayers is that this is a good year for her. 

James and Timothy….. Your help in getting our shed moved from Maryville to Knoxville was so important to me.   I was so ready to quit.   No one will ever no how badly I wanted to.   I can not say thank you enough. 

Pam Weston… You seem everywhere for always the best of reasons.   I  pray Tennessee has the sense to put you in the state legislature this year. 

Justin Jones…. You are so much older than your years.   This country will someday know your name and be lucky for it.   I will remember a long ago day walking on a lonely mountain in Tennessee for health care justice when you called me Mr. Drain.   Let’s finally close the gap this year.   Enough people have died.   Enough have suffered. 

Facebook friends….. The last three months have been as hard as any I have been through in my life.   I have done my best but more than once I have wanted to quit.   Small words from so many of you have been so big for me.   I  don’t know if I can really explain it.   This is such a weird world we live in but I am really grateful. 

Linda…. You are still the best person I know.   This year has taken us to do many hard places.   Your courage has helped me to find courage.   I don’t know what is ahead  but I want you to know I love you. 


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