If you have have no insurance… If you are counting on health care expansion… Donald Trump has a word for you… 

Trump and the ACA

Hopeworks Community


The word is NO!!!!!

This is believe it or not a post that has nothing to do with emails. It has nothing with Trump being a racist, a bigot, a liar, a misogynist or even being remarkably ignorant of the world we live in. It has to do with Donald Trump being dangerous and the incredible consequences his election would have for the poorest and most vulnerable people in this country.

For several years now a lot of my energy, my heart, my soul has went in the effort to close the coverage gap in Tennessee and give access to medical care to 280,000 poor people in Tennessee. In the last years I have met people who have had loved ones die from lack of access to medical care. I have met person after person who has suffered horribly simply because they are poor. I know people right now…

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