On the total,  overwhelming lie of Donald Trump…. Why is it again that anyone would consider voting for him????? 

Written before the election.

Hopeworks Community

1. Donald is a business man and we need a business man. Donald is a business man in the same sense that Bernie Maddof, a hedge fund manager, or a Mafia Don are businessmen. Much of his fortune is based on the manipulation and injury of others. His businesses consistently fail and he has mastered the art of getting rich off those failures while those around him lose their shirts. He has been sued countless times for not keeping his word and consistently stiffs the little guys who are foolish enough to trust him to pay what he owes. He is living proof that getting rich and being a good business man are not the same thing. The United States has enough trouble without adopting the business ethics and skills of Donald Trump.

2. “What about Hillary….” This is my personal favorite as the dumbest reason anyone gives. When I…

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