On what has been lost… On a new strange land


I write today in utter disbelief as a citizen of a country with a president named Donald Trump.  I am I fear in a strange new land and many people dear to me will suffer. The next couple of years will see policies unveiled that will forever shape the face of this country.   And in all honesty I am scared. 

I threw myself into Hillary Clinton not because I loved her,  but because I loved America.   Perhaps in many ways she was a flawed candidate.   I think so.   But this election was not an indictment of her flaws as much as it is an indictment of our own. 

I  know now why I cared so much for Barack Obama.   It was not so much because any policy.   Some I liked.   Some I didn’t.   It was because he provided us safety from ourselves.   He acted as a a brake,  as a wall that protected us from our own worse impulses. He told us that an adult was in charge and that  the voices of anger and hatred,  of division  while always heard would never rule.  He would go high. 

But maybe no country can ever be protected from itself.  Not in the end. 

Donald Trump ran a campaign that said anger and hatred were common sense.   More people agreed than didn’t.   And now what will happen when those who lent their hatred,  their anger,  their volume to this enterprise come with their hands out to claim the return on their investment? 

I shudder to think. 

I have had a couple of passions in my life.   One was health care reform.   I thought,  and still do,  that health care was a human right.   I did not,  and still do not,  think anybody should die because the door to a doctor’s office is closed to them. 

In Tennessee 280,000 people are without insurance.   Some have waited a long time.   Some have ran out wait. Many more have gotten insurance,  some for the first time  through the ACA  or they would join the 280,000. 

This was to be the best chance year at closing the coverage gap.   It won’t happen now.   The argument will be why use a law the President  has said he plans to get rid of.   Many Republicans in the Tennessee legislature have literally slobbered  all over the possibility of medicaid becoming a state run block grant.   They have thought for years that we do too much for too many.  And if Trump’s plans become reality and Medicaid does become a block grant I think only a fool would believe they will not choose to do less for less people.   

My wife is a miracle but she is a miracle that must be redone every day.   Tenn Care has been a major part of that miracle and I fear what will happen when Tennessee legislators no longer have to answer to the federal government and can act without restriction to make what is real in their heart the reality we all must live with. 

I will be honest.  I am in pieces.   I feel like I am at a funeral and I fear for too many it will be more than a metaphorical reality way too soon. 

Healthcare does not even begin to be the beginning of why “President Trump”  is fingernails on the chalkboard  for me.   Barack Obama is gone and we are the consequences of our choices. 

God bless us all. 

Please be safe and the good care. 


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