People shouldn’t have to die for someone else’s political agenda… Closing the coverage gap in Tennessee  

Tragedy ahead. Time to stand up

Hopeworks Community

The story above is a real tragedy in a political climate that can’t tell the difference between something that matters and something that is little more than self serving noise.

I know someone in Tennessee that basically suffered the same fate. Her daughter also had a blood cloth (actually starting with a broken toe) and ended up dying. Lack of insurance also killed her.

In Tennessee for several years now, a state ruled by a Republican super majority in the legislature, for several years now we have had the spectacle of grown people who supposedly care “protecting” the poor people of this state by denying them access to the medical care they need to have any chance to a decent life or in fact life at all. It doesn’t have the immediate visual punch that many other things in the news has but in remains an atrocity, an eminently…

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