The coming of Donald Trump and the country to which he comes 

​Donald Trump will be president of an extraordinarily divided country.   

He does not have a mandate to govern.  Doing what he has already done will not get him that mandate. In his campaign he violated every expectation,  every standard of what is expected of the president of this country.   

  It is not that people just disagree with him.   They loathe him and more than anything he terrifies a significant portion of this country.  

 People feel like they are no longer safe and the country is no longer safe.  Children actually worry about someone coming to get their parents in the middle of the of the night.  The Ku Klux Klan and the Nazis see him in his heart as being one of them.   He has told significant portions of this country he is going to “stand up”  to them to defend this country and teach them a lesson.   He has told others that legal protections long fought for will be gone.  He has the power to do all that know. 

Telling people to get over it and accept things will not help.   They won’t. This is the only time in my life I have been afraid that a president is at risk to destroy this country. 

  It is on Trump to show he is more than what he has shown so far.   Nobody I know sees this as just another election.  He can dismiss the fear people have and try to go on ignoring them but his presidency will be irreparably crippled if he does.  

 Speaking for me I will never be okay with health care going back to what it was.   I do know people who died that didn’t have to.  I know people now that will die that do not have to.   I have seen Republican solutions in Tennessee.   They mean poor people die.   I will never accept that as legitimate or okay again. 

  I will never accept the destruction of social security or Medicare.   I will never never never accept the barbaric ideas of Paul Ryan as the legitimate course this government should take.  

The consequences for foreign policy of a president with rudimentary knowledge of the world,  a president who is easily provoked and who believes in “get back”,  a president who had neither shown understanding or respect for long standing alliances is scary and terrifying. 

 I don’t think fear or anger  is going away anytime soon.   No one is going to forget more people voted for Clinton than Trump.   I hope he knows that. 

  And God,  please God,  please let me be wrong and he turn out to be much more than I think he is.   We are in real trouble. 

  God help us all.

Please take good care and may God bless us all. 

Thank you



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