On being my president…. On being my country 

I have never seen anything like it.   Not even close. It is different.   Different in a way I never thought possible. 

I remember when Richard Nixon was elected president how much I hated it.   I didn’t think we could do worse.   But in the end I decided that accepting him as president was part of what it meant to be for my country.   It just seemed like a no  brainer. 

Can I accept Donald Trump as president and is accepting him as the president part of what it means for me to be for my country?   I  don’t have a final answer but right now I don’t think so. 

Donald Trump is basically everything I despise in another person but that is not my biggest issue.   He is an existential threat to many things that makes this country good.   He has given bigots a place at the table that never should have been allowed in the room.   The Klu Klux Klan have celebrated his election.   The Klan should never find in the election of our president something to celebrate.  The Nazis say they understand there are certain things that he must say for public consumption but they remain sure that in his heart he is a friend.  Most of his appointees seem to be hacks and hanger oners that hitched a ride on his train and are now lined up for the pay day.  He thinks the environmental crisis is a joke and thinks the idea of making things better is a waste of time.  He has given us a model of leadership and what it means to be a man that most of us want to protect our children from.   He is a bully  and a chronic liar whose claims seldom have much truth in them.   He is easily provoked,  thinks the right thing to do is take revenge on anyone who crosses him and is the most unstable person who has ever had his hand on the nuclear trigger.   He has little knowledge of how the job he has been elected to works  and knows little of what he needs to know about the world we live in.  He is an egomaniac who thinks everything is about how great he is and plans seemingly to use this country to feed his ego and prove what a great person he is.   He has targeted immigrants as our first “real enemy”.   I don’t think they will be the last.   He talks about women as pieces of meat and brags about what he does with them.   He will be an enemy to women’s health.   His policies will roll back hard fought progress in many areas.   His health policy will kill people who have the misfortune to be poor.  He will close the doors of doctors  offices  to many Americans.   His destruction of Medicare and social security are criminal.   It will be a giant fuck you to people who have given their entire lives to this country.  His relationship with Russia is unclear.   The future of our foreign policy is petrifying. 

And all this probably just scratches the surface.   He is a danger to this planet,  this world,  and this country.  He will make this a far more dangerous,  hateful and ugly country to live in.  I  worry for my grandson’s future. 

I  never thought I could ever say this but he is no Richard Nixon.   The fundamental question is not what I think of Donald Trump but what I think about my country.   Does accepting him as president mean being for my country?   I don’t think it does.   He is the greatest threat to this country in my lifetime. 

Many people are in a rage.   I am no where close to being alone.   I worry without focus and action this rage will too quickly run out of energy.   People are planning concrete steps to take action on multiple levels.   I hope you will find a way to give your feelings arms and legs.   I fear if we don’t we will send up just throwing our hands up and saying what is the use.   Trump was elected by the votes of 25% of this population.   He needs to meet the rest of us. 

I  don’t know if adversity builds character or reveals it.   I just know we need to stand and do what needs to be done to take good care of those we care about,  our communities,  the values and principles we cherish and our country.   It is time to stand for those if  Trump has his way that will have no one to stand with them. It is time to say hatred and bigotry are not common sense and the best we can do.   It is time to be for America and to tell our president we expect the same from him. 


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