On saving Medicaid 

​Much is unclear.   No one really knows whose voice will finally be heard.   No one knows by what mechanism or what procedure or exactly what it will become but,  barring a miraculous fight,  medicaid as we know it is dead.   It is unclear how quickly it will happen but it will happen. 
There will be less money to help what can only become more and more people.    It will never get better.   It will only get worse.  The choices will be dealing with less people or doing less things or both.   
Each state will make its own choices.   It will become more and more dangerous to be poor.   In some states,  mainly southern states,  it will become a lot more dangerous.   For some,  it will become deadly. 
These are the stakes in the battle ahead.  I encourage you to share your story,  your concerns with your representatives at every level.   They may choose not to listen….but make sure they hear you.   They may choose not to look…. but make sure you can be seen. 
If you are poor,  if you are old,  if you are disabled,  if you are sick,  if your experience or your life has been different  they would have yours be a different America.   
They are not playing.  They are not kidding.   Changes that you see as assaulting or life threatening they see as common sense and long overdue.   They mean to change what it means to be an American…. at least for you. 
Do not go quietly or gently.   There is a phrase that deserves much wider use than it has… NOTHING ABOUT US WITHOUT US. 
What each of us does matters.   No matter what your personal station in life you matter and your voice matters.   What we do now not only affects our lives,  but those of our neighbors and our community.   It will help define the America our children and their children know. 
We know their intent,  their agenda.   It is on us.


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