So what do you tell them… On surviving the “better way” 

Paul Ryan has a better way.  Just ask him. He has a plan to do away with the ACA and Medicare.  His basic plan is to make the misery of a lot of poor people and the misery of a lot of old people into a big business. The pursuit of profit he thinks will make it all better.    He really believes that stuff.   He ignores the fact that much of the impetus for the ACA was the fact that insurance companies in search of a profit we’re killing people that threatened their profit margin.  

It appears that all of this is becoming the new political reality.   Now that Obama is gone there is no one left at the gate asking what is really going to happen when you do this. 

The lesson I have learned about legislators is that most of them will tell you there is nothing anybody can do about political reality.   Some things they will tell  you are just not realistic any more. Everyone will pass the buck. 

What do you say?   I think what you tell them is that whatever the political reality is the human reality has not changed.    The political reality may be their problem or their challenge.   The human reality is their job. 

Rather Donald Trump is president or not the needs in Tennessee have not changed.   280,000 still lack insurance.   Hospitals are still closing.   People are dying that don’t have to.   It is as inexcusable for 280,000 to go without insurance right now as it was when everyone thought Hillary Clinton was going to become president.   

I think you say what matters has not changed.   You are accountable for the human reality.   Period. 

Define the conversation.   Control the narrative.   Here is reality.   What are you going to do? 

It is important to realize this people are for real.   They plan to do real damage in the name of political ideology and expediency.   They are attempting before it even starts to define the issue as one you can’t do anything about.   They are trying to make passivity and resignation common sense. 

Do not let them walk quietly into battle.   There is a human reality they can neither ignore or rationalize away. 

Unless we let them. 

Be loud and persistent. The death and victimization of vulnerable people is never okay and should never be the casualty of political games. 

Speak.   Speak.   Speak and do not stop until you are heard.   Do not make this hateful thing easy for anyone. 


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