Surviving Trump

I have never seen this many scared people. It is not just that people disagree or are concerned about the direction of the country. There is a lot of that. An awful lot of that. But more than that it is people concerned for themselves, their families, their friends. It is people saying what I am going to do when the things I depend on to live, to survive are no longer there?

It is people who feel like they are about to get into a car with someone who has never driven before, who has no idea what is required of driving and frankly doesn’t care if you get down the hill or not as long as he is behind the wheel. I know people who simply don’t want to hear the news anymore. They are terrified of what Trump is getting ready to do next and they don’t want to know the next appointee. I know people who are so upset at his plans they see no way to survive his reality. And for the very first time in my memory I know a lot of people who are saying, “God I hope it is not for 4 years.”

Anybody who relies in any way on some kind of safety net are trying to figure out their survival plans. They want to know how they are going to get medicine. They want to know how they are going to get to the doctor. They want to know about social security…about Medicare. Fear is endemic.

You look at his billionaires cabinet and you just shake your head. It seems more like a hit squad than anything else. Everybody is in charge of something they hate or they think has little value. The people who donated to his campaign are out with their hands out and he seems more than willing to fill their hands with some little goody. His cabinet has got to be living proof that rich people are not qualified to be in charge of much.

There seems to be little doubt that Trump will be good for business. At least his business. He sees no conflict in the presidency making him rich. And in his spare time he will have a TV show. Life for him will be good.

I think Trump has shown he is for sale. The billionaires are clustered around him like insects to the light. He has shown no intention of saying no to any of the Republicans most radical ideas as long as they ask first and show him some deference. The only thing he seems to believe in is the continual massaging of an ego that seems incapable of being massaged enough.

I hope all this is wrong. But I feel like the Titanic has hit the berg and the captain is telling us not to worry because he is a terrific captain, even if it is his first voyage, and he is hiring the best darn crew any boat has ever seen.

I am amazed that Trump seems to feel like he is impressing people with his transition when he is scaring large portions of the country to death and making so many wonder if they will survive him.


One thought on “Surviving Trump”

  1. Here here! If anything might persuade me to check out early, DT will no doubt be behind it. Scarier still, for me, is thinking about what it means that he managed to get elected. I can’t even trust my neighbors if this is how so *many* of them voted.

    Vote of NO Confidence from me. The Titanic is already going down; all that remains is denial – and abject terror. If I could afford to get out of this country I’d already be gone.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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