Sandy Hook….. 4 years forgotten

Sometimes in the movies there will be a tragedy so bad that it finally gets through to people that things can’t just keep on the way they are going.   Tragedy is not in vain and eyes are opened.

Today is the 4th anniversary of the massacre at Sandy Hook.

It is not the movies.

The massacre of 20 defenseless little kids and 6 adults left us horrified.  But we did nothing.  Political “realities”  took precedence over human tragedy and in the four years since Sandy Hook our response to human slaughter has become more resigned weariness.   We expect it now and if we go for a while without one we find ourselves wondering when the next one is coming.

The statistics are past belief.   I  had one person a couple years ago tell me it was the cost of freedom.   I  wonder how free the families of those children and all the other innocent victims that fill our newspapers feel.  

It seems as if no tragedy is too tragic.    Nothing is so bad that the horror of it goes past political stance or rhetoric.   Nothing is so bad that we can’t take a chance on it happening again.

I wonder how many people even realize what day this is.   The tragedy that was too bad to ever be forgotten has been covered in a sea of tragedy after tragedy.   26 lives.   And what has changed.

I  wish it was the movies…


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