The Republican Healthcare Manuever :: Using the suffering of innocent people for political gain

The Republicans don’t have an alternative to Obamacare, but they do have a strategy for making sure the death of the ACA works to their political advantage.   It is a strategy spelled out most clearly by Rep. Kevin McCarthy but is evident in many of the other stories coming out of Washington DC.   It is a strategy based on a few simple steps.   It is a strategy that involves using the deaths and suffering of innocent people for political capital.   It is disgusting.   It is reprehensible.   But it is very real.

1. Repeal the ACA.   At least everything that can be done with budget reconciliation.
2. Ignore all the warnings about the immediate and substantial damage a repeal without replacement strategy will result in.   Hospitals,  insurance companies,  and a wide variety of other sources have talked about the immediate chaos such a move will bring.   Financially it will be a disaster.   In human terms people will die and suffer unnecessarily.   There will be blood on someone’s hands.
3. Blame all the suffering not on the risky irresponsible way you got rid of the ACA.   Tell people it is the result of the ACA itself and the Democrats attempts to defend it.   Play innocent and try to put all the blood on Democrats hands.
4.  Proclaim in the loudest possible terms your commitment to fixing the problem.   Put any delay or problems on the Democrats “not working with you.”  
5.  By doing this you effectively hold the lives of millions of people people hostage and try to get the Democrats to agree to a plan they would otherwise never agree with you to lest they be blamed as the cause of the unneeded suffering of millions of people.
6.  The Republicans get to have their cake and eat it too.   The Republicans get to blame the Democrats for the problem and take credit for the “solution”  over Democratic intransigence.

The Republican answer will be some version of privatization.   They will hold true to the nonsense that if insurance companies make more money everyone will get better insurance.   Much of the gains of the last years will be rolled back and particularly with block grants being part of the solution less people will end up with less insurance.   And the Republicans will spin the whole ordeal of misery,  death and suffering (that could have been avoided)  as the triumphs of conservative ideas against the reach of big government and somehow the defense of the freedom for ordinary people.   It will be,  on the whole,  a breathtaking exercise in hypocrisy,  political manipulation and complete violence against the most vulnerable people in this country by a party that cares more for its own political self interests than it does for the welfare of this country or the people it claims to serve.

Part of the answer to this is to be loud and be aware.   Do not let any step in this go unchallenged.   Get involved like your life depends on it.   Lives do.


One thought on “The Republican Healthcare Manuever :: Using the suffering of innocent people for political gain”

  1. A very informative and thought-provoking article Larry!

    I DO agree that the Democrats need to be LOUD, CONSTANT and RELENTLESS – in their fight to keep the ACA. Here is THE problem with that scenario: The Democrats do not get loud, constant or relentless about anything! Their year’s long strategy has been to respond to loathsome legislation much like a victim of domestic abuse would; they hang their heads, preferring to remain silent. When compelled to speak, they usually explain, justify, rationalize and/or intellectualize all the reasons why they ‘had to compromise and/or give in to the Republicans’.
    The Young Turks suggested that this pattern of behavior is no accident. Rather, they gave some evidence that the Democrats were being paid to behave in this manner. IE: A company from Big Pharma/Big Oil/Etc. would give them a ‘campaign donation’ with the understanding that they would not resist (not very much, anyway) their efforts to pass legislation which favored Big Pharma or Big Oil – but which hurt the little guy/little gal.

    I honestly do not know if this is true or not. It sure would explain the Democrat’s appalling behavior of late! I have been known to wonder WHY the Democrats could never seem to get their shit together and provide a strong offensive front when advocating for something like health care for all. The possibility of their being paid to NOT resist too much surely would explain it.

    Whatever the case, the existing Democratic Party does not represent me or my interests/values/needs. It seems to represent – almost entirely – the neo-liberal, corporate elite members of its ranks. These are folks who have taken at least as much money as Republicans have – and from organizations like Big Oil, Big Pharma, Wall Street and so on. The DNC’s choice of Chuck Schumer to be the Minority Senate leader was a huge slap in the face to the Progressive wing of the Party. Schumer is one of the TOP three recipients of money from companies mentioned above.

    Still, I AM encouraged by Democracy for America – and the efforts it is making on behalf of average American citizens. Robert Reich and Keith Ellison are both a part of this group.

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