“We are people too and this is wrong” 

It matters what narrative controls.   The stories we tell define what is real,  what is possible and what we must do. 

Yesterday all over the country thousands of people spoke out and told their story.   They said do not repeal the ACA without something of equal quality to replace it.   They said for all it has not done the ACA has done something that we all know and you seem curiously blind to…. It saves lives… A lot of them.   It helps the suffering,  the pain the distress of thousands and thousands of people.  It makes this a better country and us a better people. They said don’t tell us what politics  makes impossible.   Let us tell you what being a human being makes necessary and right and good. 

They said loudly and clearly….. We ARE PEOPLE TOO AND THIS IS WRONG!!!!! 

Testify.   Testify to the truth.   Testify to the worth of each person.   Testify.   Poor people should not be left to die or suffer unnecessary illness because they are poor.   Testify.   We are better than that.  Testify.   Anybody whose political power is increased by the deaths and suffering of innocent and vulnerable people need to have no political power. 

Whoever controls the narrative controls.   Testify.  Speak every day and at every opportunity about how you think the moral fabric of this country should be defined. 

Tell the Paul Ryan’s and the Donald Trumps they did not win the battle.   They have started the war. 


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