A 9-11 every month…. 

http://www.salon.com/2017/01/16/obamacare-repeal-equals-de ath-gop-zealots-seem-intent-on-disaster/?source=newsletter

When I read the article above much stood out but one phrase shook.   As many people who died in the 9-11 horror would die every 30 days without the ACA.  3750 people.   Your family… my family… you…. Your friends… Every community will be touched.   Almost everybody will know someone who dies.   And they will not just die because they have no insurance.   Most of them will die because the insurance they did have was stolen from them by a political party that is willing to create untold suffering  and death on the most poor and vulnerable of our citizens in the service of a brutal political agenda they are trying to sell as good for America. 

Imagine you read about a place that placed guards at the door of every doctor’s office so as to prevent the wrong kind of people from coming in.   At the hands of the Republicans will we really be that much different. 

It is like throwing millions of people people into deep ocean waters and telling them their ocean liner was just not working as it should and then saying don’t worry we working on life boats and as soon as we decide how to do it we will get back with you. 

The Republicans for people who have spent so long complaining have absolutely no idea what to do.   And they believe it does not matter how many people are hurt… even how many people die as long as they get their way. 

A 9-11 every 30 days.   Who are the real terrorists? 


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