People dont go away or die fast enough: health care reform in Tennessee

From 2013. Still too true

Hopeworks Community

Tennessee is close to making a unique decision.  They will be one of the few places that implements health care reform without giving people without insurance access to insurance.  It seems like such a strange victory.  They are going to hold to “principle” and show the federal goverernment they cant be pushed around.  In the name of freedom they are going to tell hundreds of thousands of people that they are “free” to get sick, suffer, and die rather than be “forced” to have access to resources which might alleviate their suffering, improve the quality of their lives or even save their lives.  These people will find out they are citizens with an asterisk.

But Tennessee has a problem.  These folks will not die or go away fast enough.  They will prove themselves embarassingly visible.  And a governor who prides himself on caring for the people who elected him will…

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