The “Alternate Facts” theory of Donald Trump 

Kelly Anne Conway recent set the record straight and explained why Donald Trump is so misunderstood and unfairly treated.   The Trump team relies heavily on alternate facts and most people seem to have a difficulty realizing the truth of these facts and because of that the president is often misunderstood and unfairly judged. 

Starting with that notion it occurred to me there may be numerous “alternate facts”  about Donald Trump that no one knows or appreciates.   Perhaps even there is an “alternate Donald Trump”  hidden from all but those closest to him. 

With that in mind here is my effort to describe the “alternate truth”  about our president Donald Trump. 

1.  Donald Trump believes that the perceived integrity of the president is  vital to the national interest.   Because of that he believes that the person who is president should be open and honest in all things.   He should disclose personal information about himself such as financial and business interests,  taxes etc.   It is President Trump believes the presidents job to show that nothing he does is in any way simply to advance his personal interest that the country comes first. 

2.  President Trump believes that any effort by a foreign power to affect the elections or political decisions of this country is serious and a threat to this country and should be dealt with in the most serious manner regardless of any possible effects on the political standing of any American politicians.   Any country taking such actions should face consequences that show clearly their behavior is unacceptable according to President Trump. 

3.  President Trump believes this country is not well served by the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.   He will take measures that address the issue of economic justice and President Trump feels strongly that every citizen should know that the rich and powerful will not have privileged status in his government. 

4.  President Trump believes that a free and open press is integral to the welfare of this country and he will welcome and protect the operation of that press. 

5.  President Trump believes that the president should be a model for the values of this country and he believes the president should never express or show bigoted comments or behavior towards any citizens in this country nor should he encourage or support the efforts of anyone or any group to do the same. 

6. President Trump believes that no citizen in this country should face danger or risk because of their social status,  their race,  their sex,  their religious faith,  any disability or financial status.   He believes the promises of this country should be available to all its citizens. 

7.  President Trump believes that the president of this country should not be thin skinned and take disagreement as a personal attack or challenge.   He believes the president should always take the high road and be dignified in everything. 

8. President Trump believes that the people he appoints in his administration should have a demonstrated ability and knowledge to do the job to which he appoints them.   He believes they should be of the highest integrity and free from any history or personal interests which indicates a conflict or personal values which would affect their job performance. 

9.President Trump believes that because of his position he may sometimes be called names that the dignity of the presidency demands the president should not call others names or attempt to slander them in any way. 

10.  President Trump is especially sensitive to the the role of women in this society and recognizes their treatment has long been an issue in this society.   He personally abhors any effort to dehumanizing them or treat them as less than fully human. 

11.  President Trump thinks no one should die from lack of medical care because they are poor or there needs expensive.  He thinks that every American should have the medical care they need. 

If Ms.  Conway is correct and there are “alternative facts”  perhaps these are some”alternative facts” about President Trump that most of us are totally unaware of.   Most of us might write us might write them off as lies,  in fact as outrageous lies.   But most of us don’t know much about “alternate facts.” 

I can hardly wait to hear what Ms.  Conway explains next. 


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