Somethings are tragic… To a friend of good heart 

Something to consider

Hopeworks Community

Somethings are not about a better attitude. They are not about more skills, a better plan or being more committed. Sometimes we see the dark side of things, but some things are simply dark. Life is hard. Often without reason, without cause, without fairness in anyway life is hard and painful and assaulting. Tragedy is real. If you have not known it in your life consider yourself blessed. In the end I think we all know a measure of it.

I don’t think the tragedies in my life are any harder or anymore important than those known by others but I have known tragedy. At times I think I have done okay with it. At other times not. I have known blinding impotent rage. I have known what it means to be helplessly immobile. I have known what it means to be overwhelmed by sorrow that knows no mercy. I…

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