Dear President Trump 

​Dear President Trump….
You have succeeded in a way I never thought possible.  You have made everything about you.  Everything is about your inflated identity, your grandiosity, your status, your persona.  Everything is either a personal confirmation of you, or as seems more and more likely now days a personal attack or rejection.  You have invented “so-called judges”.  In the national interests you have peddled your daughters jewelry.  You talk forever about great and good plans you have for everything but nobody has seen one about anything.  Millions of people wake up on Sunday morning to check twitter to find the presidential reaction to a comedy show.  You have never met an opportunity to feel hurt and play get back that you have been unable to resist.  You are a running joke in countries all over the world.  Many good, honest and concerned people believe that left unchallenged to do as you want that you, more that any other president in our history, have the power to destroy them, their families, their children, their communities, their country, and maybe even the world.  I have a 2 year old grandson and I fear to the core of my being the future you would leave him with.  
But something else has happened.  In making everything about you you have made everything about us.  It is no longer simply a question of who you are.  It has become a question of who we are.  It is about politics sure but it is so much more than that.  It is about the identity, the soul, the vision of the citizens of this country.  It is more than any battle you would have us fight.  It is about a war to save our country and ourselves.  You would tell us that it is common sense to be bigoted, narrow minded, suspicious, prejudiced and angry.  You would tell us that anyone who is not that way, anyone who does not buy the Trump alternative facts is deluded and simple minded and dangerous.  The problem Mr. President is not that we are out to get you.  The problem is that you are out to get us.  
Their is a resistance building.  No one knows where it will go.  Maybe it will die out.  I hope not.  I think not.  It is a resistance built on more than disagreements on any specific policy.  It is a resistance built on far deeper and more gut level issues. We don’t want the America you want.  We don’t want the president you pride yourself on being.  We don’t define ourselves as the people who lost to Donald Trump because you see Mr. President this has just started and no one I know has marked this off as a finished story.  It will be 4 long years.
One thing has already happened.  You are the consequence for a Republican party of outlandish rhetoric and plain hateful behavior.  You are a consequence for a Republican party who consistently for 8 years tried as hard as they could to make it impossible for anything to be accomplished in this country.  You are the concrete block hung around their neck.  They got what they wanted and few things are more dangerous.  They are now looking for protection from their constituents.  They are finding themselves accountable to the people they work for and don’t like it a bit.  They have shown a complete lack of character and bravery to confront you on the most clear cut mess ups you have made so far.  They have turned a deaf ear to thousands of constituents to prevent you from getting mad at them and the water is only going to get deeper.  There will be no safe places to hide I think and I don’t think anybody is getting a free pass for anything anytime soon.
I don’t think this is going to work out the way you planned.  Before your election it was enough just to have a big mouth.  There was nothing to prove.  But know you have to prove you can indeed be the president of an entire country.  For a man whose whole life has been built on scamming others, and lying on top of lies, that is liable to be close to impossible to achieve.  
I hope one day my grandson will find it hard to believe that there ever was a day that a man like Donald Trump was president of this country.  
Larry Drain

Knoxville, Tennessee


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