On jumping off the top of a telephone pole…. The Republican ACA dilemma 

I don’t know how many of you have even heard of something called a ropes course.   It is a series of elements some very high off the ground,  some low that people usually goes through in a group.   The theory is that the experience is great for personal growth and social skill development.   The elements make people face their fears and hangup s as well as teaching people the skills to work together. 

There is one element that convinced me I was going to die.   You climb up a telephone pole (you are belayed the whole way) and stand on the top.   Yes stand on the top.   There is a trapeze about 6 foot in front of you.   The task is real simple.   Jump and catch the trapeze.   Yes from the top of the telephone pole.   If you miss?   You fall. 

I climbed the pole slowly and finally stood on the top.  It seemed to me the wind waited to start blowing until I got to the top.   I never realized until then how tight that pair of jeans was. To say that I froze is to be charitable. 

After what seemed like hours (they later told me it was about 7 minutes)  I  jumped for the trapeze. 

I fell. I wasn’t  close to the trapeze. For a split second until the belay kicked in it felt like I was in free fall and I knew I was going to die.  The belay kicked in and they lowered me to the ground.   I kissed the dirt and mud…. gladly and with Thanksgiving. 

The ACA is a telephone pole and the Republicans have managed finally to climb to the top.   They have been bragging for years about how easy it will be to grab the trapeze.   But the wind is starting to blow harder and harder and the rain is starting to howl.   Some of them I think would really like to find a good excuse to come down.  They already know Karma is a bitch and they haven’t even jumped yet.   The trapeze looks a lot farther than 6 feet away.   Some of them are saying let’s jump.   We promised we would jump.   Don’t be scared. (Ever notice how scary it gets when someone tells you there is nothing to be afraid of?).   Jump.   It is time to jump. 

About that time someone notices a problem.   No one has them on belay.   If they miss it is a long deadly fall down. They will crash burn and die if they screw it up.   The ACA pole did not look nearly so high until they got up on it. 

They are still on the pole.   It is getting really spooky up there.  Everyone looking at them is making it so much worse. 

They don’t know what to do.  The jump for the trapeze is harder than they thought.   And it doesn’t help that the “Freedom”  people keep hollering they don’t “need no stinking belay.”   

It is a long way down.   People waiting to see if they really will jump. 

Jumping off telephone poles…. What a terrible way to make a living. 


2 thoughts on “On jumping off the top of a telephone pole…. The Republican ACA dilemma ”

  1. This metaphor would make sense if the Republicans had anything to lose by missing the trapeeze. Unfortunately, the person standing at the top of the pole is the individual who will lose his/her health insurance. The Republicans will lie and get re-elected regardless of how many lives they ruin. Even those who benefited from the ACA and who stand to lose their benefits will continue to vote for the Republican wrecking balls. Why? Because they will believe the lies.

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