The Republican “solution”… This is what you are fighting 

Republicans finally show their hand on Obamacare repeal: It could be worse but it’s still a total mess via @Salon

Thanks to Paul Ryan and company it is much clearer how the Republicans unimpeded will “solve”  the ACA.   The article linked above describes that solution.   A couple of things to remember.   It is not a bill.   It is what in Republican terms passes for a plan.   I think it is mainly a House plan.   My hope is that the Senate Republicans realize this is A very large explosive device and before they all get blown up perhaps thought is needed. It also assumes legislators can ignore the voice of their constituents without committing political suicide. Many lawmakers are already afraid of their constituents.  This will not make them any less afraid. 

Read the article but this is the short version as I  understand it. 

1.Medicaid expansion will be repealed. 9 million people with insurance will not have it.   In states that have not accepted Medicaid expansion there will be no means to close the coverage gap.   Millions more will be left holding an empty bag. The catastrophic impact of this alone is beyond comprehension. 

2.  Medicaid will be changed to block grants.   The catastrophic results of this are well documented.  Less  and less will be done for more and more.   Eventually more and more people will lose coverage. 

3.Subsidies will continue to exist but at what level are unclear.   If all the funding mechanisms of the ACA are scuttled subsidies must be paid for by something like taxes of some kind on somebody. They will be based on age and not on income.   If you are young and poor tough luck. 

4.  Health Savings Accounts are big.   No explanation of how poor people are supposed to find the money to put in them. 

5.  No individual mandate which makes covering preexisting conditions kind of difficult. Their solution is high risk pools with deductibles out of the ceiling.   Insurance but unusable insurance. 
There is more.   Please read the article.   These are the stakes.   This is what could be lost.   If a third world country was talking about doing this to their citizens we would call it barbarism.   It is.   Barbarism times 10.  I am not even sure how to quantify the potential for human suffering,  the unnecessary deaths,  and the financial catastrophe. 

Talk to your legislators.   Tell them you know.  You know what is at risk.   You know about the disaster ahead.  Tell them to stand up for the people they work for. 

Tell them you will be waiting on them when they get home.   They can decide what kind of greeting they get. 


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