Dear Senators Alexander and Corker and Representative Duncan

There will be a townhall in Knoxville tonight.   Barring a disaster I will be there.   Barring a miracle none of you will be. I  understand that you are to busy to answer your constituents questions about their lives and health.   This is a good night to be too busy.   And too busy sounds so much better than scared. 

I  don’t think anything will be said tonight that will make you less scared.  I  imagine there will be people there tonight that will want to know if you are going to stand up for them or let them or loved ones die.  And I don’t think trying to change the subject is going far with that subject.   Several of your colleagues have already found that out. 

But we are the ones with real cause for fear.   Lives,  our lives,  are in your hands.   Tennessee is facing a major catastrophe.  You have had eight years to write your recipe.   Where is the cake? 

You are the dog that caught the car.  The only sure answer that I can see is that you are not sure about what to do with it.   The impact on human lives your actions will have on human life is inescapable.   No political rhetoric will buy you a new measure. 

A lot of people in this country know about scared right now.   I hope you don’t have to get over it to come home.   If the worst thing that happens for you today is for someone to tell you to do your job I don’t know that is the most terrible day imaginable. Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot.   What if you were worried for your life or the lives of your children and the person you were counting on was too “busy”  to talk with you.   Talk about a terrible most bad day. 

I  am sorry you are scared to talk with us.  I wish you were too scared not to. 

Larry Drain 

Knoxville,  Tennessee 


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