To those who died 

On the eve of the next health care crisis

Hopeworks Community

I remember standing in line at a Walmart a couple years ago. The people in front of me were talking about Insure Tennessee. One of them turned to the other, ”Do you believe all that stuff about people dying. I don’t. I don’t know anybody that died. Do you?” I couldn’t help myself. “I do. Would you like for me to tell you about them?” Things got real quiet. They looked at me like I was dirt and walked away shaking their heads… I guess at my bad manners.

I think she was in her early thirties when we met. Phil Breeden was still governor. He had just begun to “fix” Tenn Care and most of the people I knew were in a panic. They didn’t know on what list they were on. It was a scramble for life.

I had written him a letter asking him not to kill…

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