The Lexus fallacy: The Republicans on health care reform

To make something legal is not the same as to make it possible, practical or likely. It is legal for me to own a Lexus. It is very legal for me to own a Lexus. In Republican terms, I have “access” to owning a Lexus. I will never own a Lexus.

One of the central concepts of the Republican approach is that of access. They do not want to give people health coverage. They want to give them access to it. Like the Lexus it aint the same thing.

Access without the resources or materials to make use of that access is simply an excuse for those with power to wash their hands and claim they have tried as hard as they can to help and it is no longer their fault. It is a way of saying no for those who don’t want to publicly say no least people think they are cold hearted monsters.

Things built on a lie are a lie. It is that simple.

When you strip it down to basics these people think it is immoral to help poor people, They think it has been done too much, too long and although some of them are willing to offer an empty package and call it real help if you scratch them down deep they think poor people are lazy, that they have brought most of their problems on themselves, and that they want an inexhaustible supply of something for nothing. This is from the same people who would rather die than give up their free health care. This from the same people if you are to judge them by their performanc have been getting something and giving nothing for a long time.

Giving people access to a Lexus will not make more people have a car. It will not make more people have a lexus. Giving people access to health care they can not afford or that is insufficient to their needs or that something else blocks them from will not make more people have health care. The Republican bill is a giant takeaway. It adds nothing. It is robbery and assault and crime.

It is hypocrisy of the highest order. Say no. Say it loudly. Say it often. Say it everywhere. Chains are chains rather you call them access or not.


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