On making more homeless and buying more bombs and bullets





I start with an apology.  I am in a rage right now and I hope what follows is at least a little bit well thought out and states things clearly.

I read the articles above today.  I don’t think any of this has been a secret or anything.  I just didn’t know until today.  I invite you to read them also.  The chances are if you will also be in a rage.

The bottom line is this.  Donald Trump wants to make America “great” again and he thinks we do not have enough bullets or bombs to be great again.  He plans to increase the defense budget by 54 billion dollars.  To do that he must take money from somewhere else and it appears that he will attempt to take at least 6 million dollars out of funds for low income housing.  In a country that has talked about attacking the homeless crisis for years he is going to solve that by reducing the resources available to address the issues and while he is at add a few more homeless people the mix.  A lot more few homeless people.

At a time when the country is in a fierce debate about whether or not poor people should have health insurance and the potential tragic consequences that may unfold out of that debate Trump seems to be of the opinion that not only should they not have insurance they can afford or use, but perhaps they should not even have a place to live.

This is an incredibly personal issue for me.  I live in government housing.  I live in a place called Cagle Terrace in Knoxville.  As pecking orders go it is towards the bottom.  The building is hopelessly old.  There is not enough money to fix many things.  For many people Cagle is where they have come to die.  Many have been on the streets for long periods of their lives.  They are old.  They are disabled.  They are sick.  And more than anything else they are poor.  Many have been shuffled by a system that cares little for them and have little or no family to lean on.  They know tragedy.  For many it is not a given that they will have food to eat every day.  But without Cagle they have no where to go, no where to turn.

I don’t know what this cut in funding would mean for me.  Linda and I struggle from day to day and if funding is taken away I honestly don’t know if I have a place to live or not.

One of the articles talks about section 8 housing vouchers being dramatically cut.  Linda has a place to live because she has a section 8 voucher.  If those are cut in some way I do not know what it would mean for her.

Perhaps it is just me but I think we have plenty of bombs and bullets to kill about everyone we want to.  We will not have to waste any on the poor.  Take away their health insurance.  Give them no place to live.  Protect them from eating too much.  Things will take care of itself.

There is a war, a growing war, on poor people in this country.  From what I can tell most of what the Trump folks do seems to be calculated to make the rich richer.  The idea that the Republicans care is nonsense.  Listen to the wisdom of Ryan and Price and Trump and the others.  When they get past the cosmetic veneer they try to paint things in the consequences of their actions and the beliefs that underlie those action are clear.

I am not good at rage and I apologize if this is not clear or seems way blown out of proportion.  I don’t think it is.  If you are not personally affected by these plans someone you know probably is.

I fear what it ahead and hope you do too.  It will take a lot of loud, persistent voices from people who are unwilling to give their country to people who wish to do it and the people in it such harm.




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