Towards better days

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Sorrow.  I will always have a great deal of sorrow for what is lost.  But sorrow need not always be in front of me.  I think there is a sorrow for what is left behind that doesnt have to define what is ahead.  I will deeply miss what is lost.  But that sorrow need not define what it is possible to find.

Despite.  I can go on despite bad things.  The sun still shines.  The world has not stopped.  The things that are still important are still important.  The things I care about are still worth my care.  It is not annihilation.   The reality of the hurt need not define the reality of  the world.  The things that make me laugh still make me laugh.  There is still song and melody.

Okay.  It is okay to feel bad because it is okay to feel.  Be open to all feelings…

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