The end of essential health benefits is the end of protection for preexisting conditions 

​Trumpcare has its last hurrah today, at least in its present form.  The hope is that if they give up the notion of essential health benefits they can buy enough conservative votes to get it over the top. Today will tell the tale. 

From what I have read it sounds like they have basically given up any attempt to sell this as making anything better.  It is now being sold as the o only way for the Republicans to save face.  The party that says it can govern this country is trying to sell us a lie so they don’t look like liars. 

The end of the essential health benefits will be the end of life as they know it for many people and for some will be the end of life.  It will be the ban on preexisting conditions through the back door.  The mandate on preexisting conditions is only meaningful as long as those conditions must be treated.  If a specific condition can be treated as an elective because it is no longer an essential benefit then, particularly for expensive conditions, you can be charged extra to add coverage.  You may easily find that you can’t afford coverage for what you need to survive.  If you have a chronic condition or serious illness this may mean you.  Trumpcare has its last hurrah today.  Tell your representatives this is not about the Republican party saving face.  This is about saving lives.  Tell them to vote for life…. Your life…. My life…. All lives.


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