On being sick without insurance…. Lessons from 8 years. 

Governor Haslam it is time to close the gap. Now!!!

Hopeworks Community

On September 1 Medicaire kicked in for me. Tonight I finally got the final word that I had been accepted for a Medicare Advantage program. Everything that was impossible for over 8 years is now possible.

I write tonight sick. I feel awful and have for about a week. I have bronchitis which is a frequent occurrence for me. I simply can’t stop coughing. In the past, without insurance, bronchitis normally becomes pneumonia. At least it did for me. There have been many close calls. I know when I would read stories of people who would go into the hospital and die from pneumonia I always knew “there but for the grace of God go I.” It normally comes in January or February. This year it came early.

This year it won’t be pneumonia. It is still early in the cycle and tomorrow I am going to a doctor. Unless…

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