On closing the gap and talking about what matters 

Governor Haslam says it is too soon. How long does it take for him to get ready to get ready. The post is from last year. Still fits.

Hopeworks Community


We live in times of great noise. It is easy if you listen at all to the political campaigns around us to feel like that all the air is being sucked out of the room and there is little left to talk about. In all the urgency we are surrounded with I despair for the important.

I honestly fear what the election means for the 280,000 people in the coverage gap in Tennessee. Tennessee I think is going to go big time for Donald Trump and it looks like he will lose big time right now. I wonder how many legislators will come into Nashville the next session determined to prove they cant be pushed around by Hillary Clinton and I worry that they will use efforts to close the gap as the sacrificial lamb to prove their commitment.

I wonder if the time for advocates to make their case…

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