On stories, on human beings, on Insure Tennessee

Governor Haslam. Close the gap

Hopeworks Community

The last months have seen an explosion of stories about what it means to live without health insurance when access to medical care is the difference between a quality life or not  or maybe any life at all.   There have been hundreds of stories,  maybe thousands.   There are many many stories that have not been told.   There is not just a coverage gap.   There is a packed,  filled,  tragic gap that affects every city and town in Tennessee.   Everybody knows someone. 

The response by legislators has seemed to be to pass all stories off as “just another story….” – nothing they haven’t heard, nothing that makes anything different. After awhile maybe they really do run together.. I don’t know.

But what if they really mattered??

What if legislators knew that each story was a person…. A real live person with the same needs,  same feelings,  same hopes as him, his …

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