On the return of Tim Murphy 


The Trump administration would have us declare war on poor people in this country.  He would destroy their access to health care. He would make millions be in danger of losing their housing.  He would make food a luxury for many.  He would impoverish the educational experience of our children.  He would target people of different religious faiths and ethnic backgrounds.  He would solve the threat to our environment by making it legal.  And now it appears that real war may be a real threat.  In short he will solve the problems that burn within the experience of each American by throwing gas on them and calling the flames greatness. 

Into all this steps the ever reliable Rep.  Murphy.  He and a couple of colleagues have a new bill (linked above).  He would give Secretary Price the ability to loan federal money to build more psychiatric hospitals. Absolutely amazing. 

If enacted it would mean the policy of this country is to obliterate the access of many of its citizens to life sustaining resources and then put them in psychiatric hospitals because their life has gotten harder.  It should scare the bejesus out of anyone with a psychiatric diagnosis or history. 

Anything you make more profitable is going to happen more often. Anything you make easier happens more often.  Rep. Murphy would make the outlook he holds federal policy and forever law.  And he will be a source of profits for those who seizing on this opportunity will continue to advocate for the medical necessity of more profits. 

The bill is its infancy but it is a bad idea worth opposing now. Allowing it easy access to passage is a huge mistake. 


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