On Tim Murphy’s Wall

From last year before the bill passed. In light of the new head of SAMSHA newly relevant

Hopeworks Community

Tim Murphy had a wall of his own before Donald Trump decided to save us from Mexico. He too wanted to keep people out.

The original Murphy Crusade was really governed by several simple ideas.

  1. The seriously mentally ill were not receiving the treatment they needed. It was a national disgrace.
  2. Many of them did not even know they needed treatment because of the brain damage caused by their illness.
  3. Because of that efforts to tell these people that they should make decisions about their lives or that their rights were important or should be respected were irresponsible and reprehensible.
  4. One of the primary avenues of treatment needed was psychiatric hospitalization. Not only was psychiatric hospitalization needed long term psychiatric hospitalization was needed.
  5. When the seriously mental ill were in the community they were not likely to accept the treatment they needed so something like AOT that forced people to…

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