On making hate easy…. The threat of Donald Trump 

All things being equal the things in life that are most likely to happen do.   Life has a  momentum,  a direction that sometimes sweeps us up.   It doesn’t mean you can’t stand against it… You can.   It doesn’t mean you can’t change it.   You can.

But no one can fight all the time. Everything can’t be hard.   

It is important what is easy. As much as anything else it charts the path forward.  

Beware though of what we make easy. 

If you make hate easy then you tend to have more hate.   One of the things that scares me about the hate mongering rhetoric from so many politicians is not so much what they control (some control relatively little) but what they make more likely.   What do they make easy?   What road would they take us down?

Take Donald Trump. 

There was a time when presidents did not write Saturday Night Live skits.  And now we are in a contest to see if he can define who we are and what we are to become.   And if that doesn’t scare you nothing can.

Looking back on when I was a kid (I am 65) what I remember most was how casual racism was.   It was just the way you talked.   It was just the way you thought.  I  knew people who really didn’t understand why Archie Bunker was funny.   They thought he was right.

Donald Trump would have us make hatred casual.   He would have it become common sense.   He would have it be normal.   He tells us the biggest problem in America right now is the lack of effective hatred.   And he tells us with him as president that will no longer be a problem.

Not  all moments seek to identify and define a new normal. This one does.

In many ways Donald Trump seeks to make likely an America far less than my grandson deserves. 

I am scared for him.

I hope we never make Donald Trump easy. 


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